About Tesko

Tesko was founded in 1993 after some members of Voodoo Design broke away to set up a new group called "Killer Zombie Dezines" and released their only demo, "It Takes Two Minutes".

There was a certain amount of resentment from other members of Voodoo Design as the break away was not planned nor did anyone see it coming.  As a result, and possibly an over reaction, Voodoo Design was killed off. 

Those members who were not part of KZD decided to do something else.  One day, whilst Majic Mushroom (at that time also using the alias Tom Bomb) & Addict were looking through Mixmag Magazine there, staring right back at them was an advert for the CD, "Let's Go Tesko".

They looked at each other, burst out laughing and said, "That's it!  TESKO!"

Nothing happened for a few weeks and then Tesko released their first intro, Slam!

Back together

Not long after "Slam!" was released and given that most of the Voodoo Design guys were all local friends they started to talk.  The KZD guys said they were intending to be a sub-division of Voodoo and hadn't intended to break away as a new group.

Eventually, everyone agreed to come back together and for Tesko to consist of all the ex Voodoo guys who wanted to join.


The picture above, known internally as "Octisplatt!" was used in the intro Space Sperm as it was part of some graphics which had been sat on a hard drive waiting to be used in a demo known as "Gas" which never got made.

Gas was supposed to be an Amiga demo which borrowed some of the ideas of Tesko's musician, Jim Bowen (Aka The Caffeine Kid, Flapjack Charlie et al) who wrote "Pro Train Crash Simulator" on the Spectrum for a Spectrum magazine's "Useless Game" competition.

Octisplatt! was also inspired by an advert in Mixmag, namely for Reactivate 8.

Tesko Releases in Order

Release Name Description
Slam! Amiga Intro - October 1993
Space Sperm Amiga Intro - Early 1994
The Technix Experience Amiga Music Disk - March 1994
Bedpan Amiga Intro - May 1994
Soh! Amiga Intro - May 1994
My God, It's full of Stars Amiga Intro - August 1994
Taj Ma House Amiga Music Demo - August 1994
Tesko 1st Birthday Intro Amiga Intro - October 1994
Mario vs Mortal Kombat Amiga Intro - October 1994
The Wibbly Wobbly World of Brine Amiga Demo - October 1994
Bag of Chips Amiga Music Demo - October 1994
Hop! Amiga Demo - October 1995
Virtual Pub PC Multimedia Demo - October 1995
South Central BBS Intro Amiga Intro - January 1996
South Central BBS Intro PC Intro - January 1996
T-Patch PC Patching Tool - January 1996
Module Cafe PC Mod Player - January 1996
Init Modem PC Modem Tool - April 1996
Win Edit PC Text Editor - May 1996
Hit the Road PC Intro - July 1996
MajicDOS PC DOS Commands - Various Releases
Milleni-Check PC Y2K Util - Various Releases
CommOdyssey PC Emulator Front End - January 1998
Shaolin PC PCX Convertor - January 1998
MagicMenu PC Emulator Front End - January 1998
Ashtray PC Intro - August 1998
2 Blokes & An Armchair Amiga Demo - August 1998
2 Blokes & An Armchair (PC Remix) PC Demo - November 1998
2 Blokes & An Armchair (Ansi Remix) PC Demo - February 1999
Shape! PC Intro - April 1999
Shape! 32 Bit PC Intro - February 2000
Shape! The Screensaver PC Screensaver - April 2000
Shape! Amiga Version Amiga Intro - Release Unknown
Shape! C64 Version Commodore 64 Intro - Release Unknown
Shape! Gameboy Version Gameboy Intro - Release Unknown