Hotwire and Aquafresh

Majic Mushroom with his PC, Amiga 1200 and A500

Tim J - Tim let us hold our meeting at his house

Mad Lisa

Tim J again

Hotwire (Left) and Aquafresh.



Tim J - Possibly farted

Hotwire, Aquafresh and Lisa


Lisa enjoys the VR machine


Hotwire, Sarah and Barog

Barog and Aquafresh


Aquafresh, Tim J, Barog, Pyros, Majic Mushroom

Aquafresh, Tim J, Barog, Majic Mushroom

Aquafresh, Barog and Hotwire

Barog looking like a right miserable gimp, with Hotwire, Pyros and Aquafresh

Pyros, Majic Mushroom, Tim J, Sarah, Barog, Aquafresh


Aquafresh, Tim J, Pyros, Hotwire, Majic Mushroom, Sarah, Barog