About "Taj Ma House"

Taj Ma House is another one of those concepts where I (MajicM) had the idea for something but didn't exactly know what!

I was quite pleased with the intro, all the way through to the main screen and to be honest I expected it contain a bit more.  Sadly though there were memory constraints with 3 modules in it.

The name of the production comes from an old Acid House track from 1988 with the same name by Joi Bangla Sound which was the first acid track I'd heard.

The "house" logo was inspired by a flyer or advert in Mix Mag for the Progress Nightclub in Derby.

The demo features 2 Jungle tracks by Geezer which can be toggled by clicking either of the windows of the house.

What the demo was lacking (apart from substance) was the window not changing colour when you clicked to change track, it was a silly afterthought and really should have been implemented.  On emulators there seems to be a bug where you can't see the mouse pointer to change the track, which is nice.

Coded by Tom Bomb
Graphics by Gremlin
Intro Music by Jim Bowen
Jungle Music by Geezer