About "Shape!"

Shape! was a concept which was arrived upon by Majic Mushroom and Andy one night whilst stoned.

We're not quite sure how it happened, but we thought it was hilarious at the time but then again, we were stoned and everything is hilarious in that state.

Shape! was ported to different platforms by different people, some of them were not even in Tesko!  To this day I don't know why people found it so funny and wanted to port it but we're glad they did.

Shape! generally consists of a logo, a sound effect "Shaaaaape!", a terrible "ding" sound and a graphic displaying a shape and letter which may also spell out the word "TESKO".

What the hell were we thinking?

Coded by sPASM! (Not of Tesko)
Graphics and Sound by Hotwire

Original PC Version

Coded by Majic Mushroom
Graphics and Sound by Hotwire

32 Bit PC Version

Coded by Sulphur
Graphics and Sound by Hotwire

PC Screensaver Version

Coded by Spangly (Not of Tesko)
Graphics and Sound by Hotwire

Coded by TMR / Cosine (RIP Man)
Music by Chris / Cosine

Coded by Sack (Not of Tesko)