About "Hop!"

Hop! is just one those demos where it didn't turn out as intended.  Hop! started life as an idea, I (Majic Mushroom) wanted to do a hip-hop demo for comedy value.  I had ideas in my head and they never really came to fruition.  Then the module landed, with rapping by Mr Brine which goes:

"Hey little brothers, my name is Blair, I got this name 'cos I got no hair.  I enjoy the rapping 'cos my name is Lionel but the thing I love most is scratchin' vinyl"

And various other bits of "Freestyle, Brine Style, Comin' atchya".

Bronxy then took up the mantle of doing the demo and it sat on his hard drive for months before we decided to get it out quickly at the Digital Party in 1995.  It's disappointing how it turned out really, from the original ideas we just couldn't make it happen.

There was almost a sequel, the rap module exists and goes like this:

"Yo there brothers, I'm back again, twice as mad even more insane (insane), I used to do a bit o' taxin', now all I do is record scratchin'"

Maybe one day we'll see Hop! Part 2?

Coded by Bronxy
Graphics by Addict
Music by Technix & Rapping by Mr Brine