Welcome to the Deja Vu 98 picture gallery. Pictures taken by Majic Mushroom and Def Base. I've just added 3 more pictures from my camera. Thanks to Ink for scanning them for me.

Barog enjoys OUR beer :)

Hey.. Mushy Pea, Pull my finger!

Def Base and Spansh

Flossie, Tesko's pet sheep!

Spansh makes good use of party equipment!

We said "Blow it up... NOT OFF!"

Sulphur, the thinking man!

Where are your hands?

Where are your hands?

Something brought a smile to her face!!

9 and a half inches? I find that hard to swallow!!

The sheep keeps farting on me!

"Def Base, get here now!"

"Damn, I just cant get this light off the end of my chin" - Mark, a non scener.

With this ring, I thee wed!!

All Sulphur does is think!

Mushy Pea in thought!

Myself, Barog and Def Base