About "2 Blokes & An Armchair"

Possibly Tesko's most famous production, it is a "comedy" demo coded in a few short hours before leaving to go to Deja Vu 98.

There was also a PC version and a PC ANSI version.  To this day we have no idea who coded and released the N64 version as it certainly wasn't me (MajicM)!

The original Amiga version actually won the demo competition at Deja Vu, however as it was supposed to be a PC party the results were amended so a PC demo (of far less quality) won instead.  A travesty of justice, I am sure you'll agree.

The demo attempts to poke fun at the more technical demos around by claiming world firsts such as "Light shaded armchair" and "Armchair & ironing board space cut".

Coded by Majic Mushroom
Tesko logo by NRG
Font by Addict
Other graphicy bits by Majic Mushroom
Music by Def Base

The Ansi version was an idea that came to me whilst watching some great Ansi scene demos back in the day.  It seemed fitting to convert "2 Blokes" to Ansi, and I'm pleased with the result!  It WAS supposed to have been released at The Party 1998 but a couple of bugs held it back.
Even though we weren't at The Party that year it would have been great knowing it was shown on the big screen, sadly it wasn't to be and it was released at our Winter Internal Meeting in February 1999.

Coded by Majic Mushroom
Graphics by Hotwire & Majic Mushroom
Music by Vim

It made sense for there to be a PC version, because that's what Tesko do!

Released at Tesko's 5th Birthday Party October 30th - November 1st 1998.

Coded by Barog
Graphics by NRG, Hotwire & Majic Mushroom
Music by Aquafresh